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List Of Romantic Movies

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Romance films are always popular since people around the world find it entertaining. Though there is plethora of romantic movies made every year, few wins the heart of millions. This article will help you to know about the romance movies list which will never make you irritated even if you watch it for million times. Romantic movies are the love stories, which include an ultimate romance made for people so that they can get entertained fully. They are basically recorded using visual media in order to broadcast in theaters and televisions. These films mainly focus on emotion, love and romance involving a man, dating and courtship. There are list of romantic movies, which has amazing romantic story that gives the feel of pure as well as strong love. Romance movies list includes a theme that commonly includes love at first sight, younger in love with elder people, sentimental, spiritual, destructive, platonic, tragic and obsessive romantic love.  Romantic films will have great success if it serves as a fantasy for the viewers. Following are the some among the list of romantic movies. You might also like to read about some info as to how to become an actor.

List of Romantic Movies

list of romantic movies

  • Days of Summer: In this romantic movie, Tom meets his dream girl and ultimately falls in love with her but within time, it clears Tom that his dream girl never believed that he loved her truly.  He even comes to know that she does not want him to be her boy friend. Tom with broken heart decides to spend the remaining summer days in watching summer. This is how the story goes. This is an incredible movie this is why it has topped the list.
  • Adventure Land: James after college graduation, works in an Adventure land for lame summer job, which is an amusement park situated in James hometown. There he meets a girl named Kristen Stewart (Em), she is a disillusioned girl who has caught with married guy. This movie is best among romance movies list and was played by Ryan Reynolds.
  • Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist: Michael Cera (Nick) and Kat Dennings (Norah) are two music friends looking for predilection towards an indie rock. In New York City, these two music friends accidentally meet themselves and literally fall in love.
  • Band Slam: Charlotte wants to have a battle of bands in order to make challenge to her ex and because of this, she asks for a Will, new kid for managing her band in town. Vanessa Hudgens falls for Will who is a cute lead singer. Rock icon David made him, as Cameo and this is worth to watch.
  • Across The Universe: Across The Universe is taken from 30 Beatles songs that are tied around the story. Plot will revolve around Jude (Hey Jude) and Lucy which is in sky having diamonds move to city called New York in order to live for their artistic dreams.
  • The Notebook: Allie and Noah feel that they are madly in love with each other during carnival. Allie’s belongs to a rich family and his family do not accepts for this poor Noah and make forces on them.
  • A Walk to Remember: This novel movie plays with a girl called as leukemia, whose life changes drastically after meeting a boy with opposite character. She gives him warnings as to not to love her but still he steps further.
  • The Proposal: The Proposal is the best among romantic movies list. In this, Sandra Bullock is well-known book editor and the entire staff hates her. On deporting to Canada Sandra forces Andrew to marry her, who is also an assistant of her at workplace. This business deal finally ends into a genuine romance.
15th Jun2013

How To Make A Documentary Film?

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If you are wondering as to how to make short film or how to make a documentary film, then this article will help you in guiding you. Making short film is quite easier. Many people have their interest in making short films. Films are basically a visual medium where people spent most of their time in watching it in order to make their visual sense highly peaked. They can get to know about lot of information.

How to make a documentary film?

  • Listening to someone’s speech, narration, story is one of the best entertainments. Documentary films are short and this is the reason why people love watching it. The ideal short entertainment is pleasant to the eyes. This makes the short film to get even more popular and makes more people to enter into this field.
  • Most of the filmmakers show their interest in making short film because it can be taken easily with less cost of production. It is cheaper than other films.
  • The lifetime of short film or documentary will be around 40 to 50 minutes. Complete story must be presented in a way so that viewers or audience entirely understands the concept of the film made.
  • Making up a documentary film is challenging since you will have to tell the entire story within sometime. It is not like those 3 hours films. Delivering a message with better characters, script, story, narration, and dialogues can lead you towards a rewarding career path. Filmmakers mostly show interest in creating documentary of “talking heads”.
  • Story writing will usually help us in improving our curriculum vita (CV) if you are on a hunt to get into the acting field.
  • Art of any documentary film must be focused on showing process and not to by telling. Instead of telling, showing something will help us in getting user attention.
  • Short film should contain the key, which decides on the success of the film.

Tips on how to make a short film?


1. Structure of short film:

  • On answering the question how to make a short film, the initial important point, which an individual must consider, can be none other than creating a simple and short story.
  • Story is the key role for success of a short film. If your story is successful, then nothing can stop you from accomplishing great heights.
  • As the documentary films last up for 40 to 50 minutes, the story should be made prompt within the time limit.
  • Screen play should have events on first page, conclusions on last page and main story in the middle.

2. Characters and spot lines:

  • Apart from story line, character is that one important thing to be noted while making short film.
  • It has to be a well combination of story as well as dialogues.

 3. Write a script and complete the story:

  • Narrate a script about how to start and how to end. Focus on what you want. Script plays an important role on how to make a documentary.
  • Your script has to be well organized, only then other characters will know as to what they must do.
  • Once everything in film is over, end the story in a way so that you can even make other small parts as well.

4. Upload and get inspiration from internet or DVD:

  • Once on completing the short film, use DVD or internet source to get a good market for your film.
  • Gain inspiration and hold a lot of influence for the short film you have taken.
15th Jun2013

How To Get Into An Acting Field?

by Ucoly.com

Acting is one of the best lucrative careers that have made limelight in many people’s life. This field requires a lot of time and most importantly, effort is needed for a person to shine like a superstar. If you are someone who is wondering as to how to get into acting or how to become an actor, then you need to read this article.  The answer to the question how to become a actor, says that there are several stages which one has to pass through, in order for becoming a professional actor. For climbing up an acting ladder, you require effort and patience. These two factors are very important for an individual to proceed into the acting world. Today’s movie industry has high competition. Everyone has the desire of getting popular in the world and thus you need to have ultimate talent to get through this industry. Clear visions are needed for how to become a actor, vision describes about courses to be done for achieving our goal.

How to be an actor?

how to get into acting

Many acting courses are available for the question on how to be an actor. You can search through internet for some online courses regarding academy. It will help you save your time as well as money. However, when it comes to acting, joining up a school can be better. The way you act can be literally be improved by enrolling in acting classes. In order to achieve our destination as an actor there are several practical steps to be climbed up which is geared towards achievement. Through acting classes our performance, expressing different skills, emotions and characters can be improved with the help of expert’s guidance. Many acting classes are available in both online and offline, courses in offline is best suited and gives an opportunity in learning many acting skills. Experience is vital and essential for becoming an actor and person seeking to become an actor also must be careful in their residence where they see for jobs. The answer to the question how to become a actor also includes doing some modeling assignments basically it is important for a acting career. Modeling and acting are closely related with each other. Magazine, posters, newspapers, and ads are some popular media through which your modeling can be featured.

How to get into acting?

his involves selecting an agent first. An agent can be selected through searching in online or you can even get to know about them if you have some contacts in media world. Secondly, you need to select the best agent by enquiring about them properly. You can even communicate with the previous customers of that agent and get to know about them much deeper. Agents are mainly responsible for success as well as failure in an acting career. Following are some important things to be considered in acting career.

Job Description: Job description plays an important that ultimately answers the question how to be an actor; actor usually provides entertainment for several reasons. For any job, skills play a very vital role. Classification of acting can be of many types. You need to pick as to which career you need to get into. Actor job includes portrayals, advertisement stars and factual pieces to educate etc. May whatever job you pick up, you should maybe ought to have confident, talented and artistic.

Entry Requirements: Many people start their acting career by doing some courses in colleges and universities or even private acting schools. For acting, experience is one of the most important factors to gain employment.

Responsibilities and duties: As an actor, you must know your responsibilities and must never run from it. You have to be punctual in coming to the sets and have to perform with quality. Attending screenings or auditions for getting an employment is the important duty of an actor.

Working hours: Working hours depends on the kind of work an actor does. Many actors are asked to work until they complete the piece of work that has been assigned to them. The working hours depend on the way you act. Unless your superior is not satisfied with your performances, you cannot give up so easily. You can even be asked to travel long distances.

Average Salary:

  • Average salary given for Actor (Trainee) is of £16,000 Per Annum (PA).
  • Average salary given to Actor (qualified) is of £21,000 Per Annum (PA).
  • Average salary given to Senior Actor is of £30,000 Per Annum (PA).


15th Jun2013

What Are Best Movies For Kids Of All Time?

by Ucoly.com

Most of the kids prefer watching cartoon movies or other type of movie, which are of graphics. There are different kids movie which gives them good entertainment and joy through watching this films. This article explains clearly about different movies for kids. Children’s always have interest and fascination in watching cartoons as well as animated movies. Best kid’s movies of all time will help them in learning about new things as well as gain experience from what they see. Following are some of the best movies for kids to be watched out.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang:

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

  • This movie is actually based on “Chitty”, which is a magical car that was released in the year 1968.
  • Script for this movie is given by Roald Dahl and Ken Hughes and is based on a novel written by Jan Fleming’s.
  • This film was a smash hit at the big box office in all over the world and Sherman Brothers featured songs for this movie.

Walt Disney’s Love Bug:

  • Next, best kids movies of all time is Walt Disney’s Love Bug.
  • This movie was released in the year 1969. Other Walt Disney movies include Buford’s car, boy and a girl, which also made a very big success in the year 1969.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory:

  • Willy Wonka is best kids’ movies, which was released in the year 1971; Gene Wilder is featured as Wonks.
  • Movie came from the novel of Roald Dahl and the movie is about an adventure of a boy inside a chocolate factory.
  • It is cult classic; Willy also received Academy award. It is also nominated as one of the best films until now.

Extra Terrestrial (E.T):

  • Extra Terrestrial movie was released in 1982 and is considered as science fiction film.
  • Steven Spielberg and Henry Thomas are the directors of this movie.
  • Movie describes about young boy called Elliot in helping extraterrestrial E.T to return home.
  • It made a big box office; it remains the most successful as well as best kids movies of all time.

Karate Kid:

  • Movie Karate kid was released in the year 1984 and the story of this movie focuses completely on martial arts.
  • This particular movie made a commercial success by paving way for new genre to kid’s movies.

A Christmas Story:

  • Jean Shepherd in northern Indiana narrated this movie during the year 1940 and it is about his boyhood.
  • Ralphie Parker, nine-year-old boy, who is in need of a Red Ryder rifle for Christmas, portrays the character. This movie is a true story and fascinated almost all the audience in the world.

Lion king:

  • Lion King is one of Disney film, which describes about life circle.
  • Young cub called Simba in Pride, lives at Lands of Africa with his Father named Mufasa. It won many awards and gave biggest box office hits even including music.


  • This is that one ultimate as well as the best kids movies of all time. Cinderella is one among best movies for kids since it has a beautiful story. It tells about the little girl named Cinderella whose mother is dead and lives with her two stepsisters and stepmother. It tells the way she gets tortured by their step ones but still lives life with a smile as well as helping others. Finally she gets married to the king.

Little giants:

  • Little giants is about rivalry among two brothers who wants to get into football field.
  • This story also features about rolling floor moments for both parents and their kids.

The Land before Time:

  • Story describes about a baby dinosaur, which loses his family because of earthquake that made a great damages.
  • This is a wonderful story to be watched out by kids.


15th Jun2013

Family Portrait Poses – How To Get A Perfect Picture

by Ucoly.com
  • Family portrait is one of the popular ways for recording their family history. It is a high earning and this is the reason why people are jumping into this profession. There are three categories in family portrait that includes traditional, candid and lifestyle. It is well said that a picture is worth thousand words. The family portrait, which a professional takes, must be able to speak out the entire story. It literally means that story has to be narrated clearly through a family portrait. Family photo shoot ideas should make the viewer to get an idea about character of a family through family portrait.
  • Family photography ideas must include laughter, capturing an attention. It should not involve taking any ordinary and awkward ones. It has to be natural. Different family portrait poses can be used to get a fantastic picture. This can include taking photo during outdoors, camping etc.
  • Getting an idea about family portrait on large family reunion is highly difficult. A photographer spends more time while taking portrait for joint family or a family that has many members. Well, a portrait can be made perfect through scene setup, portrait poses, everyone within boundary of shot, getting a good expression from everyone. Making a little plan for taking family portrait will help in taking portrait easily.
  • Family portraits can also be made during special occasions, when entire family gets together. Occasions like festivals, functions and parties are ideal for portraits. Candid shot includes taking photo when their children play and enjoy happily. Suppose if we decide taking portrait on indoors, then flash is needed or natural lightning can be used on windows, which gives softer lightning. If we take portrait from outside then shades can be used which provides even spread of light to our family portrait.

family photography ideas

Following are few points that can be considered while taking family portraits:

  • Background – Most of the large family will often spent their time in outdoor. To take this type of family portraits outdoor location needs to be good and must have a pleasant natural background. It will also have sufficient space to make the entire family fit into the portrait.
  • Perspective – Staircase perspective is common idea of most of photographers. Instead of using bleachers, the overall perspective can be changed. Using a long ladder or raised platform can be a very good idea for taking family portrait since everyone faces will be focused clearly and everything fits into the frame perfectly.
  • Theme – Taking family portraits in traditional way has become more of a common now. Family members dressed nicely, having a smile and literally saying cheese in front of the camera, is too common. Family photo shoot ideas should contain a theme reflecting the entire family character. Activities like fun, happiness etc needs to be clicked so that it can remembered for a lifetime whenever looked at it.  Special accessories can be chosen for family members so that the outcome is perfect.
  • Portrait poses –Best and good appearing photo poses must be chosen rather than the unnatural poses. Make entire family to practice it before taking portrait. They will feel much more comfortable when a picture is clicked.
  • Capturing Expressions- Expression is a very important thing during family portrait success. It includes emotions and dynamics. Good expression captured on taking candid portraits will just look amazing.
  • Use a Tripod – Tripod can be used for taking portrait on our self. Lot of practice is needed for taking portrait using tripod. However, the benefit is that portrait can be taken easily by using tripod.
  • Remote Shutter – SLR has a remote shutter function. It allows us in standing at certain distance from camera and we can do natural interaction with family.
11th Jun2013

Apply For A Real Estate License Online

by Ucoly.com

Real estate is one of the booming businesses which help us in earning more money. Real estate career is most enjoyable and challenging one to tackle for real estate agent. Maintaining a top career on real estate is difficult because of arrival of news laws and regulations. To become a real estate agent, first we should get real estate broker license. Process on how to get real estate license is very simple. Real estate licensing rules and regulations are not unique. Getting real estate broker license varies from one state to another. Each state has own rules and requirements. No specific national licensing or testing system is available, so we should look at the particular rules of the state were we are looking to get a license. Following are the basic requirements for how to get real estate license:

apply for real estate licens

  • For some state, the age of applicant applying for getting a license should be 18, while in other state minimum of his age should be 21.
  • An applicant should have completed high school diploma or an equivalent course.
  • He must be able to demonstrate English language proficiency.
  • He should not any criminal background history profile which will be checked when he applied for a real estate agent license.
  • Licensing applications can be easily downloaded from website of real estate commission or licensing department.
  • Pre-licensing course will be done for professional training which will last up for 40-50 hours and state exam must be completed for getting a license.
  • Applicant should not have license denied in one year or two years from application date.
  • If an applicant has not worked in a related field, he cannot use his pre-licensing education courses even if he is already licensed.
  • On receiving a license, person is eligible to work as an authorized real estate broker in real estate.

Real estate license online will also be simple and easy way in obtaining online. Multiple institution and education portal online also helps in guiding applicant in application process. Adequate tutoring will be provided by them in enabling applicants to prepare for their examinations. After passing an exam, candidate should pay between $100 and $200 for receiving a license. After receiving a license proper broker must be looked through, were on receiving good feedback from broker, he is asked to leave us as a successful real estate agent. Real estate license online courses offer an applicant to learn about license renewal, Credit needs of CE and skills can also be enhanced. It also helps in avoiding possible distraction to individuals. Cost involved for online course is cheaper were individuals has to pay only the enrollment fee and discounts, course materials and promos will also be offered. Career study through online for individuals who wants to enter into real estate field is available in both certificate and degree level.