17th Jun2013

Ultimate Hair Style For Men

by Ucoly.com

Styles do not only come out from the outfits you wear but also the type of hairstyles you do. The way you comb your hair, type of clothes and shoes you wear, shows what sort of personality you literally are. If you are male and need to know about some ideal hairstyles, then you need to read this article. It is no that only women can enjoy lovely hairstyles. Even men can.

Mens short hair styles

hair styles for men

Mens short hair styles are classy and during summer seasons, maintaining and caring a short hair style will be easy. A good hair cut will give a good as well as young look to any man. Short hairstyles is also said to be the most stylish and trendy hairstyles that includes fun, sleek and unique. Though there are many mens long hair styles, short hairs are always handy and gives a handsome look. It makes you look completely professional.

Hair Style for Men

  1. Buzz hair cut: For many decades, these buzz hairstyles are always popular for men. This is the shortest haircut. Buzz hair cut is usually related with military were their hair styles are almost seen with a bald look. A buzz haircut can be classified into many types. Faded buzz and buzz cut are the two most popular hairstyles you can try out right away. This haircut is referred to as skinhead.
  2. Caesar cut: Straight and horizontal fringe is referred to be as Caesar cut. The hairstyle is derived from the name Julius Caesar, who usually had this type of cut.
  3. Faux hawk: It is an unusual hairstyle for men that include shaving the head at the sides alone and center part remains with bulk hair.
  4. Businessman cut: Business man cut is one among the best men’s short hair styles which is traditional as well as conservative hair cut. This business cut is professional and involves many variations as well. The basic is tapering in sides and at back as well.
  5. Fade: This hairstyle for men includes flattop, low, Philly, temple and Brooklyn fade. This cut is tapered upwards and too close in side and back.

Men’s long hair styles are always popular around the globe. Many men prefer that having long hairstyles look amazing and give good styles. These days young generation is drastically trending towards long hair or may be a tiny ponytail at the back. They prefer long hairstyles as it helps them to look dashing and cool. Streaked long hairs with a tiny pony at the book give a very stylish look. It makes you look unique and you will be easily able to attract the females. You can use some high quality coloring brands to color your hairs. Golden, red and burgundy are the two most preferred colors. Long hairstyles give incredible and flowing look to men and it considers mullet look. Free flowing hair with good with moisturizing gel will look good on men, gel and water used should be optimum otherwise it will make our look greasy. Mens long hair styles have the disadvantages in increase of hair damages which leads to manifolds.

Proper hair conditioning is important and should be done at regular intervals if you want to prevent hair damage. You should trim the damaged parts regularly. Men usually prefer long hair for enhancing appearance and also for religious beliefs. Advantages of short hairstyles are many; as it will help you hold a proper shape as well as a beautiful face. People with oval face, flawless scalp and proportional forehead, short hairstyles are the best. Thus in conclusion, this article concludes that though long hairs gives you a sizzling or a dashing look, short hairs are mostly preferred as it is easy to maintain as well as style. Even the maintenance cost is much less and you can prevent damages as well.


17th Jun2013

Ultimate Hair Styles For Thin Hair

by Ucoly.com

The problems with hair these days are becoming very common. You can find people with hair loss, hair thinning, dry hair and so on. Among all the common problems, hair thinning is something frustrating. Thin hair occurs due to shortage of proteins as well as using many unconditioned products. Though you can undergo treatments, it might take time. Until it cures, you can get to know about some hairstyles that can help you cover it up.  There are many hair styles for thin hair, which you must know about. Thin hair styles will help you in making your hair look hair thicker and neater. As you pick up some thin hair styles, you need to keep them well maintained. You need to be very gentle as well as careful while styling up your hairs.

People having thin hairs should keep themselves away from sunlight because it brings a drastic damage to your hair. Hair is as important as selecting outfits; we should analyze as to which suits to our body and personality. Hair styles for fine hair must be short or long, eccentric and subtle. Constantly blowing, drying with electric heaters will cause damage to anhair-styles-for-fine-hair extreme extent to your hair and makes it unhealthy.

Following are some of the simple hair styles for thin hair:

  1. Wear it loose: “Worn loose” is the best hairstyle for thin hairs. It makes it look as if you have good density and a feel of full life to your hair. Hair wash at night and wearing a ponytail will make the volume of your hair to increase and gives crowning glory. You can even get some suggestions from professionals.
  2. Curls or waves: Curls or waves are one of the best hair styles for thin hair. These kinds of hairstyles do not have much work. It is considered as DIY (Do-It-Yourself) kind. Curls or waves are the best hairstyles to be used for our hair, which will not bring any danger and damages to our hair.
  3. Elegant Buns: Buns tied over your head are the ideal for thin hairs. This method helps in making your hair look much prettier and appears as if you have increased hair volume.
  4. Side swept bangs: Side swept bangs are the best hair styles for fine hair than that of the above mentioned. Our facial frame is important for bangs to cut. This hair does not suit for all faces. Even if you try this hairstyle, ensure that you are doing it properly. However, it will give a ravishing look when compared to usual one.
  5. Layered or bob cut: One of the best thin hairstyles included in this list is none other than layered cut. People who want to add extra depth to hair can use this type of hair cut. Due to layering effect, it gives an awesome look. You can have this done at a near spa at an affordable price. This layered cut hairstyle also helps in adding deep texture to your hairs and gives you assurance that it looks the best.

Treatments for thin hair to make it look awesome

  1. Laser combs: Laser comb is similar to photosynthesis hair treatments in which laser therapy with low light is used for promoting hair growth and helps in cell growth naturally by the process of stimulation. Light energy is individually given to hair follicles by using laser combs. These laser combs helps in increasing the overall hair follicles and makes enhances the hair to grow stronger and thicker.
  2. Protein elixir: In order to add fullness to thin hair, this method can be applied and it means re-thickening protein elixir. Our hair constitutes about 88% of protein alone and when this protein begins to reduce from the hair, thinning, hair fall etc begins. This protein treatment helps in making your hair to grow thicker. It also helps in keeping your hair healthy and increases hair volume.
15th Jun2013

What Are The Simple Nail Design Ideas

by Ucoly.com

Most of the girls prefer to have a cute nail art design. This is something, which is getting popular nowadays. Nail art design has become a fashionable as well as an artistic work. This article explains clearly about some easy nail design ideas. Having beautiful and colorful cute nail art design is fashion and rage nowadays. Women usually make nail designs in every week. There are limitless easy nail design ideas, which you must have on your hands, as they are really artistic and sparkling in nature. It will make your hands look even beautiful. It highlights your nails. Get to know more about easy to do nail art.

cute nail art design

Selecting the nail designs and applying to our nail is the best and simple procedure that is followed by us. Getting nail art done by visiting nail salon is highly expensive.  There are many magazines and website that provides simple nail design ideas. You need to do some research so that you can get to know about them in detail. Applying latest trend nail design will give us good look and feel. It will keep you updated with the trend. Colors and designs will not give proper care to our nails; it is just by eating good and healthy food, which gives nourishment to make out nail look pretty. It grows strongly and sturdily. We should protect our nails from daily work and from outfits we wear. Our daily work includes using many detergents and other chemical products, which will bring harm to our nails. Wearing gloves during household works will help us in protecting our nails. Blue is the best color to be used for our nails, which since it gives richness to your nails and it can best applied while clicking pictures.

Following are the best ideas to be used for making cute nail art design.

Random Lines:

  • Random lines have very good abstract nature, which can be done easily by us.
  • In order to make cute nail designs, we can use readily available nail art brushes or nail polish in a regular way.
  • Toothpick is the ultimate tool used for making nail designs.


  • Using flower design is one among those easy nail design ideas, which can be done within sometime, even if you are a beginner.
  • Yellow and green are the good colors to be used for nail art design.
  • Colors used in the middle should be decided carefully. It has to be highlighted accordingly. Use good colored quality nail polish is the most important thing, which you must concentrate upon. Make dabs one after the other.
  • In order to make flowers use thin nail polish or special nail art brushes.

French Manicure or Pedicure:

  • French manicure is a simple procedure, which can be done easily by us at home.
  • After applying nail polish, white colored nail polish can be used at tip of our nails to highlight what you have done. This not only looks cool but also makes you trendy.
  • French manicure brushes can be used to make the process simpler and easier.
  • Using silver nail art brushes will hide the mistakes done by us.

Lace Nail Art:

  • Simple nail design ideas include lace nail art, which is done easily onto your nails.
  • When compared to lengthier nails, wider nails can be easily painted.
  • Piece of lace is needed which should be placed at our nail top after applying nail polish.

Watermelon Nail Art:

  • This watermelon nail art gives you a fresh and cute look. Dark pink colored nail polish, minty green and black color can be used to highlight your nails.
  • Dark pink can be used at the bottom, green color polish at the top and use black color to draw seeds.
  • Sealing topcoat can be used to keep our nail beautiful for longer time.
15th Jun2013

DIY – Simple Nail Art Designs For Beginners

by Ucoly.com

Fingernail decoration is one of the artistic works, which is existing for a longer time. This art got its origination through painting in our nails and by using enamel. Due to good look and color variations, people started their interest on nail arts these days. There are many do it yourself nail art where experts and professionals are not required. Our nails are decorated and are turned into small canvas through nail art designs. Easy to do nail art designs are also available in which artistic designs are done through free hand paintings. It includes some decorative materials like gems, glitters, stripes and stars. Even simple nail art designs for beginners are also available which one can do easily at home. Few tips for beginners in doing manicure are:

simple nail art designs for beginners

  • Start with a pedicure for practice, and then do it for hands: Pedicure is the basic step to be followed by beginners, so that it can be a good practice. This technique includes painting all your toenails. This helps us in making yourself perfect with what you do.  Once you finish with toenails, you can do for your hands as well.
  • Protect your workspace: Our workspace has to be kept clean and well maintained while doing nail art. You can either use newspaper or spread paper towels in order to avoid spilling of nail polish over the floor, table, or place you work on.
  • Take your time: Never do stuffs in a hurry. Nail art literally needs a lot of patience. A thing done out of haste will come out to be improper.
  • Proper techniques to be learned for filing and trimming nails: Manicure and trimming are the best nail tips, which can be used to make nail tips smoother. Trimming nail should be done properly because it is the basic step that gives incredible looks to your nails.
  • Manicure removing: Doing manicure will helps us in showing beautiful nails. Nail care industry experts suggest that putting nail polish once a week will give good nourishment to our nails.

What should you do during a Do it yourself nail art – simple nail art designs for beginners

  • Topcoat for manicure seal: Topcoat can also be used which helps in protecting our nails and gives long lifetime for the manicure.
  • Not to use chipped polish: Old nail polish can be simply removed by doing new manicure instead of using nail polish remover.
  • Rub moisturizing cream to nails: Little extra cream must be applied and rubbed to your feet and hands to ensure that they are completely moisturized.

Few simple nail art designs are:

  • Classic Design: There are number of simple nail art design for beginners but classic design is always a favorite one. Nail polish fillings in coupled and shaping will be a best choice for one for timeless and trendy look. Using any color of rainbow will give fresh look to your nails.
  • Airbrushing: Using airbrushing by using stencils can complete an easy to do nail art by you. Stencils will be simply placed in your nail by a nail technician and then they paint over it in order to get your ideal design.
  • Nail stickers: A Nail sticker is one among those do it yourself nail art designs, where the process is too simple. You can do it even at home and it truly does not require any technician or an expert. Process can be completed easily and is of mess free.


13th Jun2013

Online Fashion Clothing Boutiques For Women – Cheap Designer Stuffs To Buy

by Ucoly.com

Shopping is one of the favorite pass times for women. Online fashion boutiques for women are something, which has grown drastically these days and still growing. However, there many online clothing boutiques for women, you need to pick the best satisfying all your requirements. Almost all the dealers in the fashion industry have now opened up their online fashion boutiques so that they can reach people easily. If you are a female who walks with trend, then online boutiques for women are just for you. A fashionable person can now easily shop for some fashionable clothes through online clothing boutiques. These stores will supply you plenty of trendy outfits which are completely affordable. If you wish to get cheap designer clothes, then better you settle for the online fashion boutiques. On these kinds of stores, you can literally find various kinds of stylish brands. Some of them are:

1. Akademiks tops: These are the ultimate trendy urban tops. With such tops, you will be able to accomplish that true celebrity status which you might have always desired to. The best thing in shopping through online clothing boutiques is that, one can achieve the status cheaply. All you need is to do some research. There is no more need to spend your entire life’s savings just to dress graciously. The most frequent Akademiks tops worn are:

- Outlaw SS woven top

- COA SS top

- Vanderbuilt LS

2. COOGI tops: Yet another high quality brand for tops that one can find in an online store for cheap prices can be none other than COOGI tops. These are completely affordable and come in cheap prices. Ultimately, reaching a common person’s hands!  If you had always hunted for some fashionable clothes to look gorgeous and trendy but would have not just because you ran out of money, then this is the right chance. These tips will make you look extraordinary yet at a cheap price.

3. ENYCE tops: These tops are one among those fresh brands for urban wears. The tees always come in special colours as well as graphics. While shopping in online stores, you will have to make a comparison with the existing ENYCE tees. The comparison might focus on designs, prices and colours. Even though these tees are of similar brand, the cost might vary based on the designs and colors you choose. However, the differences in prices are not that huge.

online boutiques for women

4. Brooklyn Basement: You might be wondering as to what a Brooklyn basement is. Well it is the best jeans brand. These jeans are always trendy yet very affordable. Thus, it plays both the roles simultaneously. When you are shopping for the online jeans of Brooklyn basement then, you will have the choice of selecting either dark blue or grey jeans. These two colors are the fresh arrivals in almost all the online clothing shops.

5. Arizona Jeans: These are the best brand for men’s clothing and manufactured by the company Arizona Jeans. With this brand, you will be able to shop for those coastal shorts that range in many colours such as: yellow, red, etc. You can even wear these sorts of shorts at the beach. These shorts will let your legs acquire the warmth, which is there in the coast. Prices are extremely low.

Since it is online shopping, you will not be able to touch and see the kind of fabric that is being sold out there. You will have to read in detail about the fabric’s quality. Read all the terms, policies and conditions of an online store well in advance. There are certain online stores, which will never refund the cash once you want to return the clothes. Check everything before you put up a purchase order.

13th Jun2013

Advantages Of Using Online Clothing Websites For Women

by Ucoly.com

Internet is that one ultimate technology that globally uses and helps people to connect with different customers across the world. Online clothing boutiques, online clothing stores for women are something that always never gets outdated. Women are always crazy about shopping. They keep looking for some good outfits from women clothing websites. This article will describe you about the advantages of using women clothing websites. Let us discuss about them in detail.

Benefits of online clothing stores for women

These days clothing websites for women has become almost an everyday activity for today’s modern women. In spite of some flaws, purchasing clothes from women clothing websites are always popular. GSI Commerce review on the online shopping has shown that most of the people prefer to shop through online rather than stepping out of the house. There are people who may be busy in their work and might not find time to go to a store to get something for them. This is when online stores come to rescue. You do not have the need to move out of your comfort zone. You can sit anywhere and start to shop with some nice websites.

women clothing websites

You can buy them at any time: Since it is an online service, they can be purchased for 24/7. Time is no more constraint. They are open always for entire lifetime. One of the important benefits of online clothing stores for women is that one can easily get the clothes despite of what point of moment it is. If you frequently are occupied with some work at office for long time or may be busy dealing with your children as well as family during daytime or perhaps having some classes at university. Then it might seem that you run out of time to shop or to get few types of apparel. This is the time when online can help you to the extreme as online shopping is the perfect solution.

Diversity: Another advantage of using women clothing websites is that it gives ultimate chance to even browse those international markets with just few clicks. You can look for some online shops that offers different styles and make sure it has wide range of collection. It must have formals, casuals, party wears, beach wears etc.

Convenience: The online clothing websites for women can be ultimately convenient. It gives you full freedom for shopping during early hours of morning as well as late nights. Place and time are never a constraint when it comes to online shopping. You can be anywhere and can be at any time, you can start shopping. All you need is a computer with fast internet connection. May whatever the occasion is, you will get what you need. There are times when physical shops get completely crowded during holidays as well as seasonal sales. It almost becomes impossible to check the stores properly as well as peacefully. You might end up picking clothes in a hurry since you might want to get out the crowded shop soon. But with online shopping websites, you do not have to wait and neither you have to be in a hurry. You can peacefully shop and get what you are looking for. You can even present little stuff to your loved ones. All you need to do is to give the address of your loved one so that the website directly packs and sends it to them. This will help you save lot of precious time. You no more have to end up at a courier service. Thus, the online shopping websites are always helpful and makes you to shop at any time with satisfaction.