15th Jun2013

Client Relationship Management – What Should You Know

by Ucoly.com

In the business world, customer relation management is an important factor that needs consideration. Success for any business is based upon the customer relation and services offered to them. This article is about client relationship management in order to earn higher benefits. Customer relationship marketing concept was introduced in the early 1990s in the field of service marketing. Customer relationship marketing concept is applicable for both industrial as well as customer products. CRM (Customer Relationship Marketing) offers some key goals that are:

  1. On interacting with customer it will increase the cost efficiency.
  2. On interaction with customer it will increase the effectiveness.

Benefits of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) implementation:

  • It is highly cost effective.
  • All customer information will be under one window.
  • Customer lifecycle management is easily supported, enhanced and fastened.
  • It helps in forecasting the real time sales.
  • Quality leads will be generated.
  • Marketing campaigns will be managed.
  • It helps in identifying customer-based targets.
  • Customer profiling, cross and up selling, will be improved by CRM.
  • Sales effort that is of non working will be filtered out.
  • Non effective channels will be filtered out.
  • Paper usage will be eliminated or reduced.
  • Helps in breaking up database into multiple and sub categories like city, age and income groups.

What is Customer Relation Management?

customer relation management 

  • Customer relation management is the term used for business strategy, which helps companies in obtaining information about customer.
  • This helps in acquiring higher beneficial costs from customer.
  • CRM will gather information from every source, in which data is present from both inside and outside the organization.
  • Decision-making is speed for employees who face their customer directly in sales and marketing personnel.
  • An organization success will be because of customer relationship marketing.
  • CRM software is becoming more popular among customers.
  • For managing the business successfully and effectively, the company uses call center software so CRM software popularity has been increased a lot.
  • In order to track suppliers and customers, Customer support software is used.
  • Web based software helps in maintaining users list, contacts and dates.
  • Advantages of using CRM tools include increase in profits, market share, expenses get decreased, customer service and client loyalty will increase, large productivity, Efficiency in call center and targeting operations etc.

Types of client relationship management are as follows:

Sugar CRM: It originated in 2004. Sugar CRM helps in various fields such as sales and marketing. It has various versions and editions. Customer information sharing, precise, analyzing is easy in sugar CRM. User for their specific needs and allowing internal as well as external communication can also develop platforms.

Sage CRM: Sage CRM can be used easily and can be deployed quickly. Client relationship management has automated features that can help for any type of business in tracking information about sales, marketing and accessing mobile in real time etc.

Sage ACT! CRM: It is preferred CRM tools for individual or smaller organizations. Customer relationship, profit to increase and stream operations can be assisted by Sage ACT. Easy accessing of data and organization will be allowed by dashboard platforms and intuitive interface. Customer relationship software of Sage ACT is also available for accounting professionals. According to the needs of individual operations most of the business makes use of  CRM tools.



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