15th Jun2013

DIY – Simple Nail Art Designs For Beginners

by Ucoly.com

Fingernail decoration is one of the artistic works, which is existing for a longer time. This art got its origination through painting in our nails and by using enamel. Due to good look and color variations, people started their interest on nail arts these days. There are many do it yourself nail art where experts and professionals are not required. Our nails are decorated and are turned into small canvas through nail art designs. Easy to do nail art designs are also available in which artistic designs are done through free hand paintings. It includes some decorative materials like gems, glitters, stripes and stars. Even simple nail art designs for beginners are also available which one can do easily at home. Few tips for beginners in doing manicure are:

simple nail art designs for beginners

  • Start with a pedicure for practice, and then do it for hands: Pedicure is the basic step to be followed by beginners, so that it can be a good practice. This technique includes painting all your toenails. This helps us in making yourself perfect with what you do.  Once you finish with toenails, you can do for your hands as well.
  • Protect your workspace: Our workspace has to be kept clean and well maintained while doing nail art. You can either use newspaper or spread paper towels in order to avoid spilling of nail polish over the floor, table, or place you work on.
  • Take your time: Never do stuffs in a hurry. Nail art literally needs a lot of patience. A thing done out of haste will come out to be improper.
  • Proper techniques to be learned for filing and trimming nails: Manicure and trimming are the best nail tips, which can be used to make nail tips smoother. Trimming nail should be done properly because it is the basic step that gives incredible looks to your nails.
  • Manicure removing: Doing manicure will helps us in showing beautiful nails. Nail care industry experts suggest that putting nail polish once a week will give good nourishment to our nails.

What should you do during a Do it yourself nail art – simple nail art designs for beginners

  • Topcoat for manicure seal: Topcoat can also be used which helps in protecting our nails and gives long lifetime for the manicure.
  • Not to use chipped polish: Old nail polish can be simply removed by doing new manicure instead of using nail polish remover.
  • Rub moisturizing cream to nails: Little extra cream must be applied and rubbed to your feet and hands to ensure that they are completely moisturized.

Few simple nail art designs are:

  • Classic Design: There are number of simple nail art design for beginners but classic design is always a favorite one. Nail polish fillings in coupled and shaping will be a best choice for one for timeless and trendy look. Using any color of rainbow will give fresh look to your nails.
  • Airbrushing: Using airbrushing by using stencils can complete an easy to do nail art by you. Stencils will be simply placed in your nail by a nail technician and then they paint over it in order to get your ideal design.
  • Nail stickers: A Nail sticker is one among those do it yourself nail art designs, where the process is too simple. You can do it even at home and it truly does not require any technician or an expert. Process can be completed easily and is of mess free.



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