15th Jun2013

How to maintain a good student teacher relationship?

by Ucoly.com

Both teachers and students should follow easy workouts. It must follow the fact that one should give and other should receive and vice versa. This following article focuses on various ways through which teacher student relationships can be maintained smoothly. Maintaining good relationship at school can make everyone to remain pleasant and happy. Good relationship can be maintained by having the below things.

teacher student relationship

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Student Teacher Relationship

  • A friendly as well as polite conversation with each other
  • Exchanging kind words
  • Good mannerism
  • Working as a team
  • Having positive attitudes

These kinds of things can bring up teacher student relationship in flying colors. There are some teachers, who play a significant role in molding their student’s future; they normally will have strong teacher student relationship. Teachers will help students to produce very good output in their career by acting as a mentor. Student teacher relationship can be of great help as it reflects on the student’s growth. A teacher has to be very encouraging, inspiring, motivating and must build positive attitude to students. No doubt, that teacher serves as a best role model in student’s life. If teacher student relationships are found to be inappropriate, then it can affect a student’s progress very badly. Most of the time teachers focus only on development of student’s strong education, but students needs to be taught in various things as well. This includes manners, discipline etc for attaining a step higher. Most of the students expect praises, surprise gifts and welcomes when they do something extra ordinary. This is something that motivates them to keep running further. Teachers must learn the habit of giving praises and applauds to their students on finding strong progress, as this will help them in having very good relationship between student and teachers.

Following are important points for maintaining effective teacher student relationship:

1. Focus on positive things:Teachers must focus on each student about their abilities and things they are interested in.Students must have trust on their teachers, that their teachers will help them in learning about their subjects.Schools provide a very good opportunity for students in learning about new things. These new things were not included in earlier years.

2. Giving gifts between them:Giving gifts in the form of smile, paying strong attention in a class, or having eye contact between lessons will help in increasing student teacher relationship.No doubts, students always love gifts when they perform well. If you happen to e a good teacher, ensure that you give gifts when they improve. This will motivate them to do better.Students with less confident and courage has to be always noticed by their teachers and should make them feel comfortable by providing support and encouragement.Relationship can also be increased by communicating with them. Tell some encouraging words so that they can feel better.

3. Demanding the best:Expecting something honestly from students is one of the major thing which teacher desires for. To get this, at first a teacher has to have strong relationships. Once you have strong bonding with them, it is natural that they will know what you want. They will act accordingly.Deep understanding, wisdom and insight will arise between a student and teacher during higher expectations.This type of things will help students and teachers to have high roles and it helps in building up relationship, which will also influence the learning patterns.


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