15th Jun2013

List Of Romantic Movies

by Ucoly.com

Romance films are always popular since people around the world find it entertaining. Though there is plethora of romantic movies made every year, few wins the heart of millions. This article will help you to know about the romance movies list which will never make you irritated even if you watch it for million times. Romantic movies are the love stories, which include an ultimate romance made for people so that they can get entertained fully. They are basically recorded using visual media in order to broadcast in theaters and televisions. These films mainly focus on emotion, love and romance involving a man, dating and courtship. There are list of romantic movies, which has amazing romantic story that gives the feel of pure as well as strong love. Romance movies list includes a theme that commonly includes love at first sight, younger in love with elder people, sentimental, spiritual, destructive, platonic, tragic and obsessive romantic love.  Romantic films will have great success if it serves as a fantasy for the viewers. Following are the some among the list of romantic movies. You might also like to read about some info as to how to become an actor.

List of Romantic Movies

list of romantic movies

  • Days of Summer: In this romantic movie, Tom meets his dream girl and ultimately falls in love with her but within time, it clears Tom that his dream girl never believed that he loved her truly.  He even comes to know that she does not want him to be her boy friend. Tom with broken heart decides to spend the remaining summer days in watching summer. This is how the story goes. This is an incredible movie this is why it has topped the list.
  • Adventure Land: James after college graduation, works in an Adventure land for lame summer job, which is an amusement park situated in James hometown. There he meets a girl named Kristen Stewart (Em), she is a disillusioned girl who has caught with married guy. This movie is best among romance movies list and was played by Ryan Reynolds.
  • Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist: Michael Cera (Nick) and Kat Dennings (Norah) are two music friends looking for predilection towards an indie rock. In New York City, these two music friends accidentally meet themselves and literally fall in love.
  • Band Slam: Charlotte wants to have a battle of bands in order to make challenge to her ex and because of this, she asks for a Will, new kid for managing her band in town. Vanessa Hudgens falls for Will who is a cute lead singer. Rock icon David made him, as Cameo and this is worth to watch.
  • Across The Universe: Across The Universe is taken from 30 Beatles songs that are tied around the story. Plot will revolve around Jude (Hey Jude) and Lucy which is in sky having diamonds move to city called New York in order to live for their artistic dreams.
  • The Notebook: Allie and Noah feel that they are madly in love with each other during carnival. Allie’s belongs to a rich family and his family do not accepts for this poor Noah and make forces on them.
  • A Walk to Remember: This novel movie plays with a girl called as leukemia, whose life changes drastically after meeting a boy with opposite character. She gives him warnings as to not to love her but still he steps further.
  • The Proposal: The Proposal is the best among romantic movies list. In this, Sandra Bullock is well-known book editor and the entire staff hates her. On deporting to Canada Sandra forces Andrew to marry her, who is also an assistant of her at workplace. This business deal finally ends into a genuine romance.

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