17th Jun2013

Ultimate Hair Style For Men

by Ucoly.com

Styles do not only come out from the outfits you wear but also the type of hairstyles you do. The way you comb your hair, type of clothes and shoes you wear, shows what sort of personality you literally are. If you are male and need to know about some ideal hairstyles, then you need to read this article. It is no that only women can enjoy lovely hairstyles. Even men can.

Mens short hair styles

hair styles for men

Mens short hair styles are classy and during summer seasons, maintaining and caring a short hair style will be easy. A good hair cut will give a good as well as young look to any man. Short hairstyles is also said to be the most stylish and trendy hairstyles that includes fun, sleek and unique. Though there are many mens long hair styles, short hairs are always handy and gives a handsome look. It makes you look completely professional.

Hair Style for Men

  1. Buzz hair cut: For many decades, these buzz hairstyles are always popular for men. This is the shortest haircut. Buzz hair cut is usually related with military were their hair styles are almost seen with a bald look. A buzz haircut can be classified into many types. Faded buzz and buzz cut are the two most popular hairstyles you can try out right away. This haircut is referred to as skinhead.
  2. Caesar cut: Straight and horizontal fringe is referred to be as Caesar cut. The hairstyle is derived from the name Julius Caesar, who usually had this type of cut.
  3. Faux hawk: It is an unusual hairstyle for men that include shaving the head at the sides alone and center part remains with bulk hair.
  4. Businessman cut: Business man cut is one among the best men’s short hair styles which is traditional as well as conservative hair cut. This business cut is professional and involves many variations as well. The basic is tapering in sides and at back as well.
  5. Fade: This hairstyle for men includes flattop, low, Philly, temple and Brooklyn fade. This cut is tapered upwards and too close in side and back.

Men’s long hair styles are always popular around the globe. Many men prefer that having long hairstyles look amazing and give good styles. These days young generation is drastically trending towards long hair or may be a tiny ponytail at the back. They prefer long hairstyles as it helps them to look dashing and cool. Streaked long hairs with a tiny pony at the book give a very stylish look. It makes you look unique and you will be easily able to attract the females. You can use some high quality coloring brands to color your hairs. Golden, red and burgundy are the two most preferred colors. Long hairstyles give incredible and flowing look to men and it considers mullet look. Free flowing hair with good with moisturizing gel will look good on men, gel and water used should be optimum otherwise it will make our look greasy. Mens long hair styles have the disadvantages in increase of hair damages which leads to manifolds.

Proper hair conditioning is important and should be done at regular intervals if you want to prevent hair damage. You should trim the damaged parts regularly. Men usually prefer long hair for enhancing appearance and also for religious beliefs. Advantages of short hairstyles are many; as it will help you hold a proper shape as well as a beautiful face. People with oval face, flawless scalp and proportional forehead, short hairstyles are the best. Thus in conclusion, this article concludes that though long hairs gives you a sizzling or a dashing look, short hairs are mostly preferred as it is easy to maintain as well as style. Even the maintenance cost is much less and you can prevent damages as well.



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