15th Jun2013

What are the effective ways to manage stress?

by Ucoly.com

Stress is one of the common problems, which people face these days in their day-to-day lives. It occurs because of heavy work and some mental disorders. Even depression and relationships deeply connects with stress. Stress needs to be controlled by either using natural supplements or any other physical activities. Following article explains about the ways to deal with stress.

What is stress?

ways to deal with stress

  • Stress is an important factor in our life, which has high valuable responses during danger and adversity. Our health will be affected if are in a continuous state of stress.
  • Stress appears in different packages. Stress is a response given to us internally that shows that there is something wrong with you and it needs to be cured immediately.
  • Usually stress occurs due to personal issues, work tension, alcohol, drugs etc.
  • We should be aware about the ways to cope with stress because it is interrelated to our health directly.
  • The ways to deal with stress are available in bulk and you have to be aware so that you can prevent it sooner.
  • We should first analyze what type of stresses we have. After that, we have to recognize the things to be done for overcoming the stress. Following are the different ways to cope with stress.

Best ways to deal with stress


  • Exercise is the greatest as well as strongest method used for getting relief from stress.
  • It helps in increasing oxygen supply and flow of blood to the body and helps for the functioning of brain.
  • Endorphin is a chemical that releases into the body when you perform some exercises.
  • Regular workouts or short walk can help people in maintaining a very good lifestyle and releases stress as well.

Healthy diet:

  • Healthy diet helps in maintaining stress free life. Eat food items that are of green and fresh.
  • Anxiety, worry and tension can be avoided with proper diet maintenance.
  • Nutrients will help in depleting the hormones caused because of stress.
  • Healthy eating habits will help people in maintaining the overall health in a better way.

Positive thinking:

  • Have a clear as well as positive mind set. Stay away from negative thoughts.
  • Avoid accompanying people who are narrow-minded and discourage you rather than motivating.
  • Positive thinking is one of the best ways to manage stress.

Learn yoga or meditation:

  • Yoga and meditation are the ideal ways to distress.
  • Both yoga and meditation are important to lead a healthy life. It has been practiced by people since ages.
  • High blood pressure and increased heart rate because of stress can be easily controlled by practicing yoga and meditation.
  • Doing meditation on regular basis will helps us feel relaxed.

Drink tea:

  • Research has proved that drinking tea will help people to be free from stress.
  • You can prefer drinking black tea or green tea as they have lot of anti-oxidants that help you to overcome stress.
  • Jasmine and chamomile are important herbal teas, which helps in recovering stress instantly.

Having deep sleep:

  • Improper sleep is one of the major reasons for stress.
  • Sleeping for six to eight hours is mandatory and helps our body to be energetic.
  • Sleeping is one among the important ways to deal with stress. It helps us in keeping our mind and body relaxed.


  • Laughter is the best know therapy to come over stress. It helps in releasing anxiety, aggressiveness, fear and temper from the body.
  • Stress hormones can be controlled and maintained in normal level if you simply laugh.




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