15th Jun2013

What Are The Simple Nail Design Ideas

by Ucoly.com

Most of the girls prefer to have a cute nail art design. This is something, which is getting popular nowadays. Nail art design has become a fashionable as well as an artistic work. This article explains clearly about some easy nail design ideas. Having beautiful and colorful cute nail art design is fashion and rage nowadays. Women usually make nail designs in every week. There are limitless easy nail design ideas, which you must have on your hands, as they are really artistic and sparkling in nature. It will make your hands look even beautiful. It highlights your nails. Get to know more about easy to do nail art.

cute nail art design

Selecting the nail designs and applying to our nail is the best and simple procedure that is followed by us. Getting nail art done by visiting nail salon is highly expensive.  There are many magazines and website that provides simple nail design ideas. You need to do some research so that you can get to know about them in detail. Applying latest trend nail design will give us good look and feel. It will keep you updated with the trend. Colors and designs will not give proper care to our nails; it is just by eating good and healthy food, which gives nourishment to make out nail look pretty. It grows strongly and sturdily. We should protect our nails from daily work and from outfits we wear. Our daily work includes using many detergents and other chemical products, which will bring harm to our nails. Wearing gloves during household works will help us in protecting our nails. Blue is the best color to be used for our nails, which since it gives richness to your nails and it can best applied while clicking pictures.

Following are the best ideas to be used for making cute nail art design.

Random Lines:

  • Random lines have very good abstract nature, which can be done easily by us.
  • In order to make cute nail designs, we can use readily available nail art brushes or nail polish in a regular way.
  • Toothpick is the ultimate tool used for making nail designs.


  • Using flower design is one among those easy nail design ideas, which can be done within sometime, even if you are a beginner.
  • Yellow and green are the good colors to be used for nail art design.
  • Colors used in the middle should be decided carefully. It has to be highlighted accordingly. Use good colored quality nail polish is the most important thing, which you must concentrate upon. Make dabs one after the other.
  • In order to make flowers use thin nail polish or special nail art brushes.

French Manicure or Pedicure:

  • French manicure is a simple procedure, which can be done easily by us at home.
  • After applying nail polish, white colored nail polish can be used at tip of our nails to highlight what you have done. This not only looks cool but also makes you trendy.
  • French manicure brushes can be used to make the process simpler and easier.
  • Using silver nail art brushes will hide the mistakes done by us.

Lace Nail Art:

  • Simple nail design ideas include lace nail art, which is done easily onto your nails.
  • When compared to lengthier nails, wider nails can be easily painted.
  • Piece of lace is needed which should be placed at our nail top after applying nail polish.

Watermelon Nail Art:

  • This watermelon nail art gives you a fresh and cute look. Dark pink colored nail polish, minty green and black color can be used to highlight your nails.
  • Dark pink can be used at the bottom, green color polish at the top and use black color to draw seeds.
  • Sealing topcoat can be used to keep our nail beautiful for longer time.

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